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Jonathan was born in the flatlands of Texas and raised in the jungles of South America.

After relocating to New York City in 2007, he co-founded Mason Jar Music and Nomadique, two collectives committed to fostering a community of artists in the city as well as producing work that is soulful and genuine.

He is a musician, producer, sound recordist, lover of cultural exchange, and a guardian of tradition.



Jordan and Jessica's story is one of loss, love, and the ability to bring incredible beauty out of immense tragedy.

Jordan is an attorney and pastor of Rennaissance Church in Harlem.

Jessica is lifestyle blogger, wife and mother.



Liz is a musician best known for her Gospel, soul, and R&B-infused album entitled, “There’s A Light”.

Raised in Portland, Oregon and a recent resident of Brooklyn, NY,  Ms. Vice splits her time between being a music director at a neighborhood church and touring, playing venues and festivals, around the country. Ms.Vice is very passionate about bringing people together and connecting with her audience to create a sense of home wherever she is. Having overcome many personal obstacles, she credits her adventurous life to not forcing anything. “It’s all about risk, and taking risk is never regretful…well, most of the time.”

Heath & Alyssa PADGETT


In 2014 they quit their jobs, bought an old RV and went on a year-long road trip.

After a year of living and traveling in an RV, they realized the lifestyle was awesome and didn’t want to give it up. So they paid off a bunch of debt, built up their video production business, and travel full-time in an RV.

Along the way they share the journey through a weekly podcast and Youtube channel. Heath and Alyssa also produced the documentary Hourly America , detailing their year on the road and Heath's ambition to work an hourly job in each of the 50 states.



rock musician. pastoR. author.

His hard rock band, Atomic Opera was part of the "Houston Sound" when they released their first album on Warner Brothers Records, the critically acclaimed "For Madmen Only."

His varied career has included record producer, video director, creative director and worship leader. He has released several solo albums and is the author of Joyride: A Beginning in Every End.

He is the founding pastor of NewChurch which was voted "Best Church" by the Katy Times in 2016.

Frank is also happily married to his high school sweetheart and has two awesome kids.


Donald Miller

CEO of StoryBrand; New York Times Bestselling Author; Expert in All Things Communication and Story...

Jonathan Merritt

Author, Journalist, and Contributor to The Atlantic; Creative Coach and Purveyor of Cultural Insight...

Sally Lloyd Jones

New York Times Bestselling Author; Master of Wit, Whimsy and Joy...


David Taylor

University Professor, Author, Filmmaker, and Artist; Expert on the Intersection of Art and Sprituality...

Mary Karr

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